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September 24, 2023

Aide In-Service Training Newsletter

The Missouri Alliance for Home Care is excited to inform you of a new offering to provide an additional benefit to your home care aides! A monthly subscription to Partners in Quality Care - an approved In-Home Aide newsletter/training.

This publication includes an informative newsletter, post test, answer key and certificate template. Not only are the topics timely, relevent to home care, and can help enrich your aide's knowledge base, it also serves to meet your training requirements.


The Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services affirms that this newsletter meets the requirements found at 484.36[b] of the Medicare Conditions of Participation and for In-Home Services providers, this newsletter meets the required standard for on-going training of aides. It is the responsibility fo the home care company to determine if this publication meets the specific requirements of its aides.


In these unique times, MAHC knows that funds dedicated to education has become an area of concern. Therefore, MAHC is offering this training newsletter subscription as a FREE benefit to all MAHC members. Or at a discounted, introductory price of only $500/year to non-members (that's less than $42/month to provide in-service training!).


If your agency would like to sign-up for a subscription please click on the appropriate link below for the sign-up form:




                        MAHC Member Subscription Sign-up Form                             Non-member Subscription Sign-up Form


Newsletter Topics for 2022:

  • January - Client Rights, Satisfaction, and Customer Service
  • February - Infection Control
  • March - Confidentiality and Privacy
  • April - Skin Care
  • May - Falls Prevention
  • June - Heart Failure Care
  • July - Nutrition Care
  • August - Understanding the importance of agency policies, rules, and reglations in client care
  • September - Culturally Aware Care
  • October - Recognizing and Reporting Signs of Abuse and Neglect
  • November - Diabetes Caret
  • December - Whole Person Care


If you would like more information on becoming a member of MAHC please click here