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January 20, 2019

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OASIS-D: What You Still Need To Know

Professional Type: Clinical
Date: 2/26/19
Location: St. Clare Health Center Fr. Krings Conference Center 1015 Bowles Ave. Fenton, MO

This conference will carefully review the OASIS D data set, focusing on the new items. These new D items, due to the IMPACT Act standardizing data for all post acute care providers is very detailed, long and specific, particularly the difficult GG functional ability and goals. Utilizing CMS training and Medicare OASIS manual, Sharon will clarify and explain the OASIS D data set. We will also focus on outcomes related to Star and Value Based Purchasing, and how the multidisciplinary team works together to have accurate and increasing patient and agency outcomes. The agenda for the day will include New OASIS D items, detail from CMS guidance manual and CMS documents, how to assess these very specific items, review case scenarios which include team collaboration, fall related items, review all OASIS items that go towards 5 star ratings & Value Based Purchasing and how to improve your outcomes & information to ensure that your coordination of care is effective and is able to improve outcomes for your patients and your agency.

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