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June 26, 2019
Client Satisfaction Survey Project

Measure the quality of care provided to your home care clients.

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Reasons to survey your clients:

  1. Evaluate and improve care
  2. Improve communication between provider and client
  3. Send a message that your company values clients’ opinions
  4. Accountability to payers and referral sources
  5. Marketing

The MAHC client satisfaction survey includes:

  1. Standardized surveys
  2. Flexible survey allows two additional questions specific to your company
  3. 100% sampling of clients served
  4. Staff performance
  5. Track clients by payer source
  6. Compare your company with similar companies

For additional information, please contact:
Missouri Alliance for HOME CARE
2420 Hyde Park, Suite A
Jefferson City, MO  65109
Phone: (573) 634-7772
Email: carol@mahcmail.org