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June 17, 2024

Family Care Safety Registry

Missouri's Family Care Safety Registry was established by law to protect children, elderly, and the physically or mentally disabled in this state and to promote family and community safety by providing background information on potential caregivers.

For Workers:

Instructions for how to register with FCSR

For Employers & Families:

Identify if a person is an FCSR registrant. To see if a current or prospective employee is registered, enter their social security number (without dashes or spaces) in the form submission box.

Request an FCSR Employee Background Screening Report

After checking to see that an employee is registered with the FCSR, you may request an FCSR Employee Background Screening Report by:

The FCSR asks that if requests are made for more than three employees, providers should use the request form and submit the information by mail, fax or electronically. If an employee is registered, it takes about two days to process a background screening request.